About Us

Group photo of the Accurate Services Team under the American Flag.

Accurate Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated warehouse providing our customers with world-wide order fulfillment and distribution from a hill overlooking Mt Hope Bay in Fall River, MA.

In 1955, Frank Teixeira Sr. started Whittenton Garment Company, making nurses’ uniforms. Even though nurses started wearing cheaper scrubs (and scrubs production went overseas), we realized that there was still a need for our services here. Small and medium sized apparel companies were floundering trying to process the container loads of goods coming in themselves, and they were underserved by the big warehouse companies. Many of the big warehouse companies simply weren’t set up to handle clothing, and if the goods needed repairs, hemming, labels or a simple steaming, the manufacturer had to juggle subcontractors as well. We combined all these services under one roof and Accurate Services was born. Over the years, we’ve added CAD, technical design, business software, and consulting to meet customer demands and anticipate accelerating technological changes.  And we’re one of those American rarities–we still sew and perform light assembly operations right here in Massachusetts!

We own our own building and have a stable skilled workforce. Come tour our historic granite mill and see what we can do for you!

Accurate Services has been providing apparel manufacturing, warehousing and order fulfillment services from our historic granite mill building in Fall River, MA for over 30 years. With 140,000+ sq. ft. of modern shelves, racks, overhead trolleys, conveyors, and production equipment, we can process thousands of hanging, flat packed and boxed goods every day.

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