A Message About COVID-19

We sincerely hope that everyone on the other end of this email is feeling well and safe.  It is the most important thing during these uncertain and unfortunate times.    We are all well here and we are doing our best to keep things moving. 

As most of you know, our manufacturing floor produces medical products for NICUs.  These products are in high demand as are all medical products at this time.  That puts us in a unique position.  We are considered an essential business.  We will be allowed to operate as long as we can continue to supply hospitals with the products they need. 

Our employees are working as long as they and their families are well, and only if they feel safe doing so. Anyone who wants to follow stay-at-home orders will not face repercussions.

Please understand that we are working with short staff on the sewing floor and in the warehouse. Because of that we ask for your cooperation and understanding regarding the following:

We are using masks and gloves when processing goods.
  • We need 48 hours to ship all orders, web or wholesale, no exceptions.
  • We ask you to limit the number of returns arriving at our facility.  We will not be processing returns regularly.  When they arrive, they will be quarantined for seven days.
  • Please do not request expedited shipments.  Any order that needs to be expedited must be pre-approved directly with management.
  • Any urgent requests MUST be communicated via phone. Email is not efficient at this time. 
  • No visitors!!!  No exceptions!!

Please know, that we are here for you and we are committed to our collective cause.   We know the importance of our role.  We are so grateful to our employees for accepting the risk of coming to work every day.  These times of trying conditions require sacrifices from everyone.  We appreciate your cooperation and together will get through this.